Our expertises

Discovery of molecules active on a specific biological target, development and application of novel computational methodologies to discover new biologically relevant compounds.


Multicomponent reactions

Aryne chemistry

Isocyanide chemistry

Click chemistry

In silico

Chemoinformatics algorithms

Molecular simulations

Virtual screening

De novo drug design

Identification of molecules

SAR studies

Molecular probes

Compound library design

Drug repositioning


Research topics


Anti-Colchi site compounds


Zn-chelating agents


Anticancer compounds


ATP mimetics

Click chemistry

Fast, simple reactions


Multicomponent Reactions

The Team

Every member is indipendent and free to follow his/her research interests, undertake collaborative projects and independently publish.

Gian Cesare Tron


His research interests concern the discovery of new multicomponent reactions and their applications in the field of medicinal chemistry and the discovery of new antitumoral agents (tubulin inhibitors, HDAC inhibitors, NAD+ syntesis inhibitors).

Tracey Pirali

Associate professor

Her main area of interest is the synthesis of bioactive compounds of medicinal relevance, especially in the realm of cancer treatment (tubulin, phosphatidylinositol 3-kinases, istone deacetylases, indoleamine 2,3-dioxygenase). Recently, she has been interested in the development of novel ligands for TRP channels.

Alberto Massarotti

Associate professor

His research interests include the development and application of novel computational methodologies to discover new lead compounds.

Ubaldina Galli

Assistant professor

Her research interests have shifted through the years from the synthesis on NO-donors as antimalaric and antiulcer drugs to the synthesis of selective PI3 kinases inhibitors as antitumoral, antiinflammatory and anticoagulant drugs.

Irene Preet Bhela

Ph.D. student

Tutor: Prof.ssa T. Pirali

Francesca Brunelli


Tutor: Prof. G.C. Tron

Alice Ranza


Tutor: Prof.ssa T. Pirali

Christian Fusaro

Undergraduate student

Tutor: Prof.ssa T. Pirali

Federico Forgione

Undergraduate student

Tutor: Prof.ssa T. Pirali

Riccardo Ardizzoia

Undergraduate student

Tutor: Prof. G.C. Tron

Lorenza Coppo

Undergraduate student

Tutor: Prof. G.C. Tron

Andrea Sardo

Undergraduate student

Tutor: Prof.ssa T. Pirali



Medicinal Chemistry of Isocyanides

Chem Rev. 2021, 121, 10742-10788

Massarotti A., Brunelli F., Aprile S., Giustiniano M., Tron G.C.

Icilio Guareschi and his amazing "1897 reaction"

Beilstein J Org Chem 2021, 17, 1335-1351

Tron G.C., Minassi A., Sorba G., Fausone M., Appendino G.

Tritylamine as an Ammonia Surrogate in the Ugi Reaction Provides Access to Unprecedented 5-Sulfamido Oxazoles Using Burgess-type Reagents

Org Lett. 2021, 23, 3610-3614

Bhela I.P., Serafini M., Del Grosso E., Tron G.C., Pirali T.

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